Nalin Ranjan

I am from India and have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. I have worked as a software engineer with companies like Citrix and McAfee and have gained a good amount of technical experience. I am pursuing my MSTM degree to gain essential business skills to complement my technical skills and prepare me to take up more challenging roles. This program is well-paced and provides a good opportunity to learn business concepts along with highly talented and diverse set of students. In my free time, I like watching movies and playing games on my computer and iPad. I also love to travel and have an interest in photography.

Aditya Sundar

I'm from Bangalore, India and I'm here in the MSTM program to pursue a career in consulting. I love meeting new people from diverse backgrounds. Prior to this program, I was with Infosys as a software developer for about 3.5 years and that's where I developed my career interest. I envision my future as one with a lot of travel and meeting successful people. Apart from the regular coursework, I enjoy playing basketball and I'm a complete music freak. I play the guitar, a little bit of the keyboard and have been a singer in my college band. It's great to be here and I look forward to a great and productive year ahead!

Eugene Kim

I love music, food, exercise, philosophy, and most of all, learning.  Here at the University of Illinois, I satisfied my thirst for knowledge by graduating with a B.S. in Agricultural Engineering.  Currently, I decided to continue my education by pursuing a M.S. in Technology Management.  I hope use what I learn in the program to achieve amazing things in the business field.

Prasanna Vadhana

I’m currently pursuing the Masters in Technology Management program (more commonly and lovingly known as MSTM) offered by the College of Business. Prior to joining the MSTM program, I worked with Frost & Sullivan, Intellent Research, and Sedulo Group as a Medical Devices & Imaging Industry analyst, tracking emerging technologies and fostering good relationships with healthcare clients. I believe that the MSTM program will help expand my knowledge-base in business strategy tools and progress as a thought leader in healthcare management consulting. So far at UIUC, I’ve joined couple of organizations (Illinois Business Consulting, Enactus, Illinois Leadership Center and Student Leadership Council) pertaining to my professional goals and thirst for value-based opportunities. Outside of graduate school, I like to travel a lot and explore new destinations; engage in Zumba workout sessions, coupon shopping, and love to stay connected with my daughter.

Muralidaran Subramanian

I am from Chennai, India and I am currently pursuing my Master's in Technology Management, Advancement Track at UIUC. I have a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and over two years’ experience from a leading technology consulting company. I love trekking, traveling and meeting new people. I am always ready for game day and the drink’s on me if it's cricket, tennis or football. Dancing has been a lifelong passion, and if you can't find me on the dance floor, I'd probably be out catching up on some movies. To all the MSTM prospective students, feel free to shoot me a mail with any questions/doubts you have. Looking forward to an exciting year ahead! 

Sang Joon Park

I was born in Korea and this is my first time away from my country for over a year. My first job was as an Engineer at Samsung Electronics but now I am currently working as a merchandiser at CJ O Shopping, an on-line retail company. Similar to the MSTM program, it is a merge between technology and business. I am always looking for something new interesting like the MSTM program. Meeting new and different people here make me happy.

Alvin Xu

Call me Alvin! With a BS in Information Management, I am always excited to enhance technology with business experiences here in the MSTM program. I am now a member of the Chinese Business and Alumni Association at the University of Illinois. I enjoy challenging myself, meeting people from diverse backgrounds and sharing ideas. I am always trying to learn more about entrepreneurial spirit here and make the most out of my experience in the MSTM program and life in the US.

Doreen Tseng

I was born in Texas, moved to Taiwan when I was 10 years old, and lived in Beijing for one year before coming to Illinois. I completed my undergraduate degree in Economics and Psychology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and am back for my Master's in Technology Management. I joined the MSTM family because I was interested in a business education with a technology focus - seeing that technology has increasingly become one of most company's core competencies. After graduation, I hope to work in marketing and management, as I am incredibly interested in both consumer behavior and organizational dynamics. I enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and look forward to grow from this program and the blogging experience. If you see me around, come up to me and let's chat!

Rachit Shah

A new country forces you to step out of your comfort zone to learn from every experience that comes your way. So here I am, thousands of miles away from my home country India, looking forward to learn from every opportunity that will shape me for the rest of my life. I am Rachit Shah. I have completed my undergraduate study in Fibers and Textile Processing Technology from Mumbai. I am currently studying my Masters in Technology Management. I aim not to just hone my managerial skills during my stay at UIUC but to make friends and connect to as many people as I can. I really enjoy travelling and have visited several countries. I love trying new cuisine and enjoy cooking. This is my first attempt to be a blogger, so I’m looking forward to it! I hope you enjoy my style of writing. 

David Cho

I'm a Korean-American born in Chicago and raised in the Chicago suburbs. I've never lived anywhere aside from Illinois. My greatest passions can be summed into four categories: sports, music, movies, and food. Anything involving those four things will definitely arouse my attention. Some hobbies of mine are guitar, drums, pretty much any sport and food adventures. I completed my undergraduate career right at the University of Illinois, and I am furthering it in the MSTM program. More than anything else, I love interacting and getting to know people. 


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